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Catalyst Coaching & Training
uses state-of-the-art interactive adult learning techniques based on the model Tell – Show – Do. Most adults learn optimally when they receive new conceptual information in manageable chunks, observe what they are learning demonstrated by an expert, debrief what they saw & have the opportunity to practice what they learned to anchor new knowledge & skills into cellular memory.

All of our training designs are based on this model. Without exception, the facilitator speaks far less than the participants. The participants are fully engaged in multiple learning experiences throughout the entire time.

Our workshops can be designed and delivered in introductory (90 minutes), 1/2-day, 1-day, or 2-day formats depending on the scope of the desired learning objectives — or combined into a customized retreat experience. Team and individual leadership coaching are available to support sustained change.

Our core interactive training programs include...

Innovation Through MBTI® or Beyond DiSC Team Dimensions®

This 1-day workshop assists participants to harness the creativity that flows from valuing different perspectives, diverse working styles, and divergent ideas.  Participants will have the opportunity to diagnose their team approach to innovation & creativity, learn how to enhance communication & collaboration, & utilize all stages of the creative process effectively.  This workshop builds upon the learnings inherent in either assessment. Participants will learn to transform barriers that keep them from building the trust, support & partnership that makes working with others exciting — facilitating innovative solutions & achieving optimal results.

FLEXCommunication Using DiSC® or MBTI®

In this 1-day workshop, each participant will gain an increased understanding of their natural communication style using MBTI® or DiSC®, the impact their style predictably has on others & build skill in learning to FLEX their communication style to the — often unspoken — needs of their followers & colleagues. Participants discover for themselves through interactive exercises how powerful it is to pay attention to the non-verbal cues that others give. They will learn how to FLEX to meet the needs of the people with whom they work thus increasing their probability of getting the results they want quickly & efficiently.

Inquiry: Learning Together to Produce Results

This 1-day workshop teaches managers a practical coaching & problem-solving technique that is extremely efficient for use in individual & group problem-solving. This process is based on open-ended, content-free questions.  Its creates partnership between those involved and frees up action toward a result or produces the result.  By obtaining participant inputs in a structured way it creates buy-in and whole system thinking that results in collaboration, organizational learning, innovation and out-of-the box thinking.

L4 Leadership with Multi-Rater Feedback

There has been a recognized gap in leadership around the globe for 30+ years: A shortage of leaders who strike the critical balance between visioning & the discipline of execution, who skillfully capitalize on the strengths & knowledge inherent within their organizations to drive success. Both effective management & leadership are necessary — & both are learned skills.

In this practical 2-day workshop participants will learn the 3 cornerstones, 4 styles & 4 cycles of L4 Leadership to identify & meet the needs of the situation as well as the people in it — in order to create high performance. A multi-rater assessment from direct reports helps leaders compare their self-perceptions to the perceptions of their direct reports across two dimensions: actual and desired.

Participants learn when a particular style is effective versus ineffective as well as how to subtly flex leadership styles when needed, assess performance potential of individuals, conduct a situational analysis & capitalize on group dynamics to increase performance levels of individuals & teams.

Emotional Intelligence: Great Leaders & Great Cultures

In this 1-day workshop participants will learn the components of emotional intelligence (EQ), how it enables them to obtain better results in every situation, the impact on the enterprise of hiring high versus lower EQ employees as well as create goals & an action plan to increase their own emotional intelligence.

This workshop includes taking the widely recognized and validated measure of emotional Intelligence developed over 25 years of research by Dr. Reuven Bar-on, the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-i 2.0). The EQ-i is used in hiring top gun pilots in the US Air Force, placement in the NASA Astronaut program & other comparable positions throughout the world. Research indicates that IQ accounts for approximately 20% of success on the job, strategic thinking for 30% — & emotional intelligence for 50%.

Courageous Conversations

This 2-day workshop assists participants to understand the components of courageous conversations, the importance in having them skillfully & improve their effectiveness in doing so. Participants will diagnose their current skill level, identify barriers to having courageous conversations & learn how to move through those barriers.  They will build expertise in recognizing the challenges & navigating through them with increasing levels of courage, confidence & skill.


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Some of our clients say…
"The L4 Leadership workshop has been of tremendous value in building our corporate culture. It originally helped our top management team face some important issues  & develop a plan for doing so. We created much needed infrastructure, strengthened our strategic planning process with cascading SMART goals, instituted CRM & built our relationships with our domestic & international strategic partners. The L4 Workshop for Leaders with 360º feedback is an annual two day event every fall for our company. We work with Catalyst to customize the focus to address whatever is going on inside of CPP. We received the award for being one of the 14 Best Companies to Work For in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for our size organization. L4 Leadership, Inquiry, MBTI, Assertive Communication and other training programs delivered by Catalyst helped us to create the corporate culture that resulted in this award."
Jeff Hayes, President & CEO
CPP, Inc.
"I have hired Catalyst twice for facilitated DiSC training for my team. They were creative, fun and engaging. I would highly recommend Catalyst for any team building activities you might be planning that require an objective facilitator or coach."
Carrie Varoquiers, President
McKesson Foundation
"The L4 Leadership workshop facilitated by Catalyst was breakthrough for my top management team. We worked together to learn the model, diagnosed our current state and created a needs assessment that we subsequently used to strengthen the organization, and doubled sales & increased ROI in the following two years."
Jeff White, Chief Operating Officer
Acacia Pacific Holdings
"Catalyst presented several wonderful workshops for our employee group that helped them identify their limiting beliefs in key areas & transform them to empowering beliefs. It was extremely innovative, definitely active training at it's finest — the presenter was engaging, fun — & received as high ratings as any trainer we have had."
Karen Wolfram, HR Director
Genencor International
"Over the past 20 years, I have worked with Catalyst in 4 companies. They have consistently provided practical, effective leadership & organizational development consulting. The L4 Leadership program is a great two day retreat. It is highly interactive — and breakthrough. I learned to think about leadership in a new way with my staff. We received some powerful feedback from our company about planning, infrastructure, communication & recognition needs that we are systematically addressing. We have highly productive dialogue within the structure of the L4 model. This is becoming a norm at TruLight."
Marc Philip Reiner, Chief Executive Officer
TruLight Corporation
"The L4 model of leadership makes sense. We introduced this to our organization in Year 2000 with two two-day retreats for our entire management team. It was tremendously well received. We have a team-based organizational structure. Our leadership group unanimously decided to have the entire company trained in this model to enhance communication & to get powerful feedback from our employee group in a structured & safe way that gave us trend information about what they needed from us to improve company performance. We have used this trend information to make important changes. It was useful to have it organized by priority."
Lynda Regan, CEO & Chair
Regan Holding Corp.
"Catalyst has done a number of training programs for us over the past several years including FLEXCommunication using DiSC®, Assertive Communication, Conflict Resolution using the Thomas-Kilmann® & The Gift of Feedback. We rolled L4 Leadership out to our top leadership group & mid-managers over the past two years. We learned so much about our organization & how we can lead to enhance staff performance. Our facilitator was highly skilled & fully engaged our various groups in the process of learning. We had a lot of fun & learned a lot about ourselves & leadership."
Tracy Steele, HR Manager
Guide Dogs for the Blind
"Over the past several years, Catalyst has provided multiple interactive workshops & facilitations including Understanding Emotional Intelligence, Managing Difficult Communications, Writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals, The Gift of Feedback, Inquiry & others for all levels of management. All of them have gotten the highest ratings from our various groups. We strive to create and maintain a state-of-the-art culture so we can attract & retain the best available people.  In fact, we just received the award for being one of the 50 Best Companies to Work For in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Actually, we were #1 In our category."
Linda Hemmings, HR Director
Woodruff-Sawyer Insurance Services
"We publish some of the leading tools and assessments in the field of training & organizational development including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). Catalyst worked with me to design a one day workshop based on the MBTI® for 50 of our leaders. The workshop was customized to our leadership group & the topic of World Class Communication with our highly valued internal & external customers. I don't think our facilitator spoke more than a total of 30 minutes; we did all the talking. The entire design was interactive, based on active training principles, and it worked!  We collectively came up with the trends that everyone in the group needed to ensure great communication & created going forward working agreements — which  are predictive of what the rest of the world wants from us."
Nicole Trapasso, Division Director of HR
CPP, Inc.
"Our L4 Leadership two-day workshop was great for our top team. It got us on the same page on some key leadership issues. We diagnosed our organization like a group of doctors with a patient. It was productive and helped us make improvements that streamlined work flow and increased organizational performance. I learned a lot from the feedback report I received from direct reports & colleagues about my leadership style. Subsequently, I worked with a leadership coach from Catalyst on these & other goals I had for myself."
Byron Kerns, Vice President of Claims
Acacia Pacific Holdings