Team Transformation Coaching & Training

Catalyst Coaching & Training provides transformational team development coaching using advanced learning technologies to assist cross-functional, intact, project & ad hoc teams to obtain outstanding results.

All of our team coaches are certified in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching™.

We specialize in creating high performance teams by providing the conceptual framework & building the advanced team dynamics skills which are needed in today's competitive organizational environment.  We leverage the power of shared leadership embedded in teams so that they can become more empowered, collaborative  & inspired to deliver innovative solutions & outstanding results.

Depending on your goals & needs, areas of focus may include:

We teach the processes for achieving these outcomes. The results can be measured through a customized team report.  This is based on the team’s self-assessment of their dynamics & productivity measurements before the training & coaching compared  to the team self-assessment given afterward.

Team Development Coaching

Research shows that high-functioning teams are essential for companies to successfully address today’s unprecedented business challenges. With the increased need for innovation & the ability to solve complex problems, it is important to create teams that are characterized by collaboration, clear communication & the ability to resolve conflict when it occurs.

We specialize in helping teams transform themselves from team dynamics that may include resistance, unspoken agendas, polarization & discord into highly performing teams that demonstrate positive engagement, develop creative solutions, & optimize productivity.

When teams transform themselves, business success follows.

Team Assessment

Our Team Diagnostic Assessment™ pinpoints a team's strengths as well as areas needing development.  This assessment asks the team to assess itself as a team – rather than aggregating individual responses.  The results are unfolded as an integral part of a two-day team development workshop.

Systems Coaching

Our work has been specifically designed to create change at a systemic level.   Systems coaching provides the participants with the conceptual framework & foundational competencies for understanding the dynamics of a team as a system.  It includes unfolding the Team Diagnostic Assessment™ & team skills training as necessary for on-going team development.  The workshop is interactive and experiential; participants leave with new awareness, tools  & skills they can apply right away.

Systems coaching offers proven processes based on research by Reuven Bar-on, Daniel Goleman, Arnold Mindell, John Gottman & Marcus Buckingham.  We use leading edge Organization and Relationship Systems Work™ to create real, tangible & lasting change. 

On-going Team Coaching Support

Learning accelerates and is sustained with a team coach working with your team one or two times a month.  Teams more rapidly assimilate & apply what they have learned during training to actual team situations, such as planning sessions, team meetings & problem-solving sessions.

Team Building Retreat

Off-site retreats can help your team meld & focus their development on specific areas.  Distractions are minimized & learning is maximized.

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Some of our clients say…
"Our team was able to take on a new project with a 20% increase in efficiency. Even with the larger volume, our staff was under less stress  & teamwork improved. Overall, our profitability has increased yielding ROI of the cost of the training within 8 to 9 months."
Jared Milligan, President,
Pacific eDocument Solutions
"This work enabled us to be more effective and dynamic as local leaders working to protect our planet & turn the tide of Global Warming.  We have more esprit de corps & teamwork.  It enabled us to not only create substantial change in our community, but it has also enabled us to do it with pride & partnership with each other & the community.  We feel healthier a& more sustainable as an organization & as individual activists."
Annan Patterson, President
Sustainable Novato
"Our team retreat was extremely beneficial & exceeded our expectations.  We left with refreshed concepts of roles, goals & the way we work together as a team.  We took away concrete agreements about how we work together & a renewed effort to understand & appreciate each others' work styles & contributions.  We gained applicable skills, useful to us in our day-to-day work."
Paul Asfour, Patient Educator/Volunteer Program Manager
UCSF Cancer Resource Center
"Through the process of Team Coaching, the staff is more connected & communicative with each other. They're more engaged in problem solving, critical thinking, delegating & sharing responsibilities & supporting each other. There is also a stronger sense of shared vision, mission & values amongst staff. Through a number of team meetings the process itself forced staff members to confront & reveal where they lacked trust & why. This surfacing has created a context in which issues are known collectively & can be addressed in a more open & productive way. The results from this engagement are being sustained with the working culture & ethos of the organization. An increased level of productivity is already evident & will likely continue as it's rooted in stronger relationships."
Brahm Ahmadi, Executive Director
People’s Grocery
"After our team coaching experience, we had clearly defined roles & responsibilities, clearer communication among staff & a stronger commitment from the Executive Director to lead. Overall, it was an outstanding three month experience & with stronger leadership, the organization has been able to organize, identify & fill staffing needs successfully & raise more money for the organization."
Dana Harvey, Executive Director
Mandela Marketplace