Transformational Leadership Coaching & Training

Since 1985, Catalyst Coaching & Training has provided leadership coaching using advanced learning technologies to assist executives & managers to obtain outstanding professional results.

Several Catalyst coaches are Master Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming  & are accredited through the International Coaches Federation.  All are certified by leading edge coaching schools & have many years of professional coaching experience.

We specialize in working with highly successful individuals who want to achieve at levels far beyond what they have already accomplished. These individuals are called to develop their awareness & abilities as transformational leaders.

The processes for doing so are what we teach.

The Role of A Leadership Coach

Coaching is key to creating a more open, flexible, resilient organization: one that awakens people & values them — their skills, ideas & contributions — & seeks to genuinely develop & empower them. To be most successful, coaching needs to happen at every leadership level in the organization.

We specialize in coaching leaders over a committed period of time to facilitate higher performance levels throughout their organizations by increasing their awareness, skill sets & confidence to act as coaches & transformational leaders.

"A coach is someone who asks you questions you may not want to answer, has you see things you may not want to see & teaches you how to do things you didn't know you could — so you can be who you have always known you could be."
Ashley Warrenton-Smith

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Some of our clients say…
"I began working with Ashley several years ago when I was in chiropractic school. I wanted to establish a clinic for healing when I graduated yet I felt paralyzed by all that I needed to do, the lack of start-up capital — & on top of that, I had some internal conflicts about doing so that were fear-based. We worked together on a regular basis with the following results: I founded Pinnacle Health Center 5 years ago, clients fly in from all over the world & we purchased our own plane last year. To say that I have achieved my dreams is an understatement — & I now have new ones!"
Dr. Ed Hunt, Founder
Pinnacle Health Center
"As my coach, Mike has helped me transform in my role as a global Strategic Brand Manager in ways I did not dream possible. Prior to utilizing him as my coach, I had achieved a measure of success in marketing; however, I had larger dreams for my professional future. In working with Mike over the last year, I identified strategic new ways of thinking & behaving as a leader that have made an enormous difference in my career & in my life. I have built an extensive network of contacts which has created a virtual team for me to access. I facilitate cross-functional teams to accomplish outstanding results from diverse geographical areas. I learned to utilize my personal power by sharing expertise in participating effectively in teams. All of this & more has made accomplishing my goals much easier. I am very grateful for Mike's coaching partnership with me."
Paolo Trombini, Worldwide Strategic Brand Manager
Ferrero, Luxembourg
"As soon as I began to work with Ashley four years ago, my life started to change for the better. I learned how to design & facilitate transformational change within the organization in a way that included key contributors, to conduct teambuilding sessions to accomplish specific objectives & to communicate in ways that built upon the strengths of the individuals that report to me & enhanced their success in delivering results. We doubled sales, increased profitability, built efficient infrastructure & structured new strategic alliances. Ashley's coaching style is supportive, result-focused, & direct. She utilizes numerous thought-provoking techniques that help me move through internal barriers. She does not direct; she facilitates. Above all, she knows I have the answers within."
Gabriela D'Angelo, President
"I began working with Ashley earlier this year on a regular basis. It certainly wasn't what I expected — & I certainly have gotten results. I clarified my values as a leader & my career direction, received two promotions during the time I have worked with her — & I have never felt more balanced & happy in my life."
Jane Gibson, Finance Manager
Jaguar & Land Rover