services - planning & facilitation of organizational change

Critical factors in accomplishing organizational change include working with key members of leadership to:

Creating true change in corporations is comparable to producing a long-running hit Broadway musical. Most of the work occurs before the curtain rises on opening night.

In our work with organizations in various industries, we have found that understanding of this core truth is key for leadership to commit the time & resources to create the plan as well as prioritize implementation of the action steps of the plan. Optimal results occur, in our experience, when the vision is owned by top leadership in creating the desired change & the focus of attention is maintained.

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Some of our clients say…
"I worked with Catalyst to facilitate the alignment of my top leadership team to accomplish dramatic and sustained growth. We met as a top leadership team to create an energizing, shared vision & develop a short to medium-term cross-functional strategic plan. Catalyst worked with specific groups across Canada to further facilitate the implementation of our plan with excellent results."
Jim Burton, CEO & Chairman
PPI Financial Services
"Catalyst has been a valued strategic partner throughout our planned evolution over the last 20 years. Our leadership team has worked with Catalyst sequentially to redefine & clarify our strategic vision and goals as we increased the revenue of the company multiple times, moved into international markets, developed important strategic alliances, made acquisitions, increased our speed to market & continued to reinvent ourselves to increasingly serve our valued customers around the world."
Jeff Hayes, President & CEO
CPP, Inc.
"Our leadership group worked with Catalyst from the inception of our holding company in 1991 to vision, plan & implement our self-directed work team corporate culture. We are recognized in our industry as leaders in customer service. Catalyst has worked with us longitudinally to create & implement our strategic hiring process using profiling to build an exceptional employee group specifically to deliver exceptional service to our valued customers, to design and deliver our Team Participation Skills training modules for self-directed work teams with a focus on excellent internal & external communication, to design & implement our company-wide 360° feedback program & our annual organizational effectiveness survey."
Lynda Regan, CEO & Chair
Regan Holding Corp.