services - multi-rater assessment

People need feedback — from direct reports, colleagues & customers. Feedback obtained in a systematic, structured way can be the basis for continuous improvement.

Catalyst offers planning and facilitation of various kinds of multi-rater feedback programs including:

Typically we work with a small cross-functional team to clarify the desired results. We work with that team to design & document the process, create strategic feedback questions that map to the results & train the feedback givers and receivers. We can facilitate the feedback sessions or train internal facilitators to ensure optimal results.

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Some of our clients say…
"We partnered with Catalyst to identify our goals for our multi-rater assessment feedback program for our self-directed work team environment, designed the process with her guidance created the feedback questions to map back to the key elements of the training programs all our staff members attend. Our primary goal was to reiterate the key learnings of our core training modules & hold people accountable for using what they learned. The overall trend results have given us an additional measure of the effectiveness of our training program."
Lori Burleson, Facilitator & Trainer
General Services Life
"Our Information Systems group wanted to obtain structured feedback from our internal customers. We partnered with Catalyst to clarify our desired results, identify the internal customers from whom we wanted to obtain feedback & create the feedback questions.  When we initially began this project, I thought it was going to be much larger than it turned out to be. The results we got were so thorough & compelling that we were able to simplify our original plan. The feedback resulted in highly motivating positive feedback for our team, more than we anticipated & we are using the information about what we can do better as the basis for our internal improvement work. The feedback was helpful and surprising. We learned a number of things that we did not know prior to asking these key questions."
Harold Hoyle, Ph.D., Divisional Director
Applications Development Services
CPP, Inc.
"We worked with Catalyst to institute an employee feedback system to help us strengthen our corporate culture. We manufacture and sell fine gold jewelry. Our work is affected by the demands of our retail buyers; thus, we in turn make some important demands on our staff such as long workdays at certain times of the year. We wanted to learn more about what our staff members valued in our culture & how they thought we could improve. The structured dialogue that we had in our small group meetings in combination with the written trend information was 'worth its weight in gold' to us."
Gabriela D'Angelo, President